Fifteenth Meeting between Japanese American Leaders, Japanese Ambassador and Consuls General

Participants at a luncheon hosted at the residence of Ambassador Shinsuke J. Sugiyama (Photo courtesy of the Embassy of Japan)
Ambassador Sugiyama gives a speech at the luncheon reception.

On January 22, prominent Japanese American leaders selected by their respective Consuls General from across the United States participated in a discussion with Japanese government leaders as part of MOFA’s annual meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls General and Japanese American Leaders (CG-JA) in Washington, DC.

The discussion focused on several key issues for the Japanese government and the U.S.-Japan relationship, including new outreach efforts for Japanese American communities throughout U.S. regions that do not have local Consulates, and creating greater awareness in Japan about the Japanese American experience. Participants shared their views on the changing narratives of Japanese American stories, particularly the shin nisei experience, and the importance of promoting knowledge of Japanese American history in Japan. They also discussed new strategies and opportunities to build diverse U.S.-Japan relationships across different regions and communities and shared information about upcoming anniversaries and special events.

Minister Mukai (left) and Dr. Watanabe

Following the meeting, the Ambassador of Japan Shinsuke J. Sugiyama hosted a luncheon reception for the Japanese American leaders and Consuls General. After Ambassador Sugiyama’s speech, Council Leader Paul Watanabe (JALD ’12) gave special remarks. Kazuhiro Suzuki, Director-General of the North American Affairs Bureau of the Embassy of Japan, closed the meeting with a toast.

On the evening prior to the meeting, USJC organized a welcome dinner for Japanese American leaders at Robert’s Restaurant.

The CG-JA meeting is an annual collaborative effort between the Embassy of Japan and the U.S.-Japan Council. This year, the discussion was co-chaired by Dr. Watanabe and Minister Kenichiro Mukai.

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