Haruka Kokaze and Yuta Hasumi Meet in London

Many thanks to USJC Intern Haruka Kokaze for providing this reflection. 

I had lunch with USJC Associate Yuta Hasumi, Founder and CEO of Ikigai Authentic Ltd., in London this week. (I actually had lunch with him in July as well, so this was our second meet-up!) Even though I have been interning at USJC since December, with the remote work style, I have never met any USJC staff or members in person so far. So, it was very exciting to meet a USJC member in person, but it was even more exciting to meet Yuta in London. I attended Yuta’s LGBTQ+ webinar in July, which USJC co-sponsored, and wanted to learn more about diversity and inclusion in the workplace across the world, so it was fascinating to hear stories from Yuta.

We believe Yuta is the only USJC member in London, so we want to value our small USJC network here and we are excited to reconnect in person again soon. We both want to thank Suzanne for making the introduction.

-Haruka Kokaze
USJC Intern