John Kerry and KOIZUMI Shinjiro Discussed U.S.-Japan Leadership in Addressing the Climate Crisis at USJC Bilateral Boardroom

September 9, 2021 

John Kerry and KOIZUMI Shinjiro Discussed U.S.-Japan Leadership in Addressing the Climate Crisis at USJC Bilateral Boardroom

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S.-Japan Council (USJC) held its second virtual Bilateral Boardroom on August 31 (U.S.) and September 1 (Japan). Featuring a fireside chat between U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, and Japan’s Minister of the Environment, KOIZUMI Shinjiro, the event explored U.S.-Japan leadership in addressing the climate crisis. The discussion was recorded on August 24, one week prior to Secretary Kerry’s visit to Tokyo. The discussion was moderated by USJC President & CEO Suzanne Basalla. 

As an educational nonprofit, USJC was honored to host this critical dialogue, which aligns with its mission of connecting leaders within the United States and Japan to address issues of mutual concern. John Kerry is the nation’s first Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and the first-ever Principal entirely dedicated to climate change to sit on the National Security Council. KOIZUMI Shinjiro is Japan’s Minister of the Environment, Minister in charge of Climate Change, Minister of State for Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Member of the House of Representatives (4th term).

The event offered insights on government initiatives pertaining to the ongoing climate crisis and emphasized the national and global need for drastic change. Minister Koizumi emphasized that Japan is prioritizing a 46% deduction of greenhouse gas emission from the 2013 level by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Secretary Kerry explained that investment in renewable energy would improve public health, national security and economic growth. Both leaders also stressed the importance of engaging the next generation of leaders. Secretary Kerry commended the relationship between the United States and Japan, and expressed his hope that the two countries will be able to serve as world leaders in addressing the climate crisis.

A recording is available for viewing here.

The U.S.-Japan Council is an educational nonprofit with a significant, decade-long track record of positive impact in the U.S.-Japan relationship. The 2021 Bilateral Boardroom is a part of the USJC Signature Series, which engages membership and stakeholders virtually by providing expertise and insights on a range of important topics.

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