Members Gather to Discuss Advising Japanese Companies

On August 3, USJC members who are advisors to Japanese companies gathered to discuss a broad range of topics. The theme for this group came out of a conversation between USJC President & CEO Suzanne Basalla and Council Leader Charlie Allcock, about the broad range of often challenging topics now emerging in the United States as it recovers from the pandemic. These topics often are not well known in Japan, and difficult for the Japan HQ managers to understand, and are often issues their Japanese expat managers in the U.S. struggle with. Topics may include, but are not limited to: ESG (environmental, social, governance), racial equity and justice, BIPOC and disadvantaged community experiences, remote or hybrid work, post-pandemic views on work/life balance, and many others.

This discussion was part of a series of conversations with USJC members from targeted and diverse groups, hosted by Ms. Basalla. These small group discussions provide a space for members to introduce themselves and share their interests and suggested programming at USJC. Future calls with members representing select industries will also be scheduled.