Twenty-Seventh Business Advisory Board Meeting Discusses YKK Corporation’s Philosophy Management as the Key to Success in Business

Chairman of YKK Corporation, Mr. Masayuki Sarumaru

On May 27, 2022, the 27th U.S.-Japan Council Business Advisory Board (BAB) Meeting was held online. USJC welcomed keynote speaker Masayuki Sarumaru, Chairman of YKK Corporation, who delivered a presentation titled “YKK’s Philosophy Management.” Over 30 business leaders from diverse fields including four TOMODACHI Initiative alumni gathered to learn more about YKK’s management principles, which have been crucial to the success of the company’s global business development.

Chairman Sarumaru opened his keynote address by introducing his company to the audience and highlighting the history of the fastening business. YKK has continuously set industry standards for quality, innovation and sustainability in the production of zippers as well. In addition, they have produced a wide range of architectural products.

Chairman Sarumaru continued by introducing the audience to YKK’s fundamental philosophy “Cycle of Goodness (善の循環),” which means, “No one prospers without rendering benefits to others.” The company promotes this philosophy by communicating with its employees through roundtable discussions and visiting manufacturing sites. YKK encourages this philosophy by having employees learn this philosophy through actively engaging in dialogues with company management. He credits this ideology with allowing YKK to focus on increasing sales and offering high quality products worldwide.

Chairman Sarumaru also acknowledged YKK’s Sustainability Vision 2050 as one of the challenges the company currently faces. In an effort to achieve a sustainable society, YKK has introduced eco-friendly plastics including plastics derived from both plants and marine-based materials.

Chairman Sarumaru concluded his presentation by asserting that although YKK’s products may be small, “we can make a big difference with customers’ products.”

Following the presentation, Chairman Sarumaru received many questions from the audience, including TOMODACHI alumni. He took the time to answer each question and engage with the audience as he would with his employees during a roundtable discussion.

Chairman Sarumaru with BAB attendees, including TOMODACHI alumni