USJC President and CEO Suzanne Basalla Awarded the Nakasone Award of Excellence

The U.S.-Japan Council’s President and CEO Suzanne Basalla was recently awarded the Award of Excellence from the Nakasone Yasuhiro Foundation on November 28, 2021. Junko Tsuda, Executive Director of the U.S.-Japan Council (Japan), attended the ceremony in Tokyo on her behalf. The award recognizes recipients who have made excellent contributions to international relations, economic growth, cultural and academic exchange, international research or challenges in society. A member of the selection committee noted that they appreciated Suzanne’s long-standing commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders in both the United States and Japan. 

In her acceptance speech, Suzanne noted that working to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance has been her purpose throughout her career. She went on to acknowledge the fact that she has been a “student of the alliance,” before briefly walking the audience through her career, illustrating her understanding of the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship and the fact that “the health of the alliance requires not just government and diplomatic buy-in, but the support of the people in our two democracies.”  

Suzanne received this award alongside Assistant Professor Sachiko Masuo of Kyushu University, who received the Award of Excellence, and Assistant Professor Huang Wei Hsiu of Tokyo University and Dr. Yoriko Nishizawa, who both received the Award of Encouragement. Click here to read more about the award ceremony.