The following is the summary of a session that was part of the 2018 Annual Conference.


  • Moderator: Yuka Tanimoto, Deputy Editor-in-Chief & Event Promotion Section Chief Producer, Forbes JAPAN
  • Emi Takemura, Fellow, Mistletoe Inc.; Co-founder, FutureEdu Tokyo; Co-founder/Advisor, Peatix Inc.


Ms. Tanimoto began the discussion by explaining Forbes JAPAN. She explained that the magazine has been promoting women, giving women more spots in the magazine, and has made a list of 100 key women in Japan. Ms. Tanimoto highlighted keywords, one of which is awareness. Being aware of people and opportunities that could change your life will get individuals closer to success. The second keyword that Ms. Tanimoto highlighted was trust. Trust must be present for growth.

Ms. Tanimoto introduced Ms. Takemura, and asked her how she chose the industries that she built her career in, and why she chose the way to start a business as she did. Ms. Takemura answered that at the beginning of the internet era, she started building products and services for global customers. In starting her business, she explained that it was a natural path for her, and she ended up trying to build her own products instead of pursuing a corporate career.

Ms. Tanimoto asked what is needed to succeed in Japan for women. Ms. Takemura replied that, first, it is important to accept that it is okay to be different, because that brings about various advantages and opportunities. Second, one must have a high standard for quality work.

Ms. Tanimoto then asked for tips for women who work for Japanese companies and want to develop their career. Ms. Takemura recommended traveling and studying abroad, in order to learn to be independent and gain leadership skills. Being flexible is also important because as individuals go through life, priorities change. Ms. Takemura said that she is investing in the future and aiming to revamp the Japanese education system. In particular, she would like to build confidence in students, because being confident and willing to overcome challenges can lead to many opportunities.

To conclude, Ms. Tanimoto asked for a message or advice for women who want to change the world. Ms. Takemura emphasized that it is possible to do well at work and in family without sacrificing much.


Click here to see the video of the session.