Ms. Sandra E. Peterson, Group Worldwide Chairman, Johnson & Johnson (Summary Speech)

The following is a summary of the Keynote Speech by Ms. Sandra E. Peterson, Group Worldwide Chairman, Johnson & Johnson, at the 2015 U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference in November 2015. 

Ms. Sandra E. Peterson, Group Worldwide Chairman, Johnson & Johnson, stated that it was an honor to be at the Conference and that Johnson & Johnson is proud of its growing business in Japan. She said the company is pleased that the G7 talks will be held in Japan, and that it will work to make healthcare an integral part of the talks. She then outlined Johnson & Johnson’s work with the TOMODACHI J&J Disaster Nursing Training Programand played a short video. 

Ms. Peterson stated that Japan is a world leader in health, with excellent care at manageable costs. This is important as the country’s population ages, since senior patients consume more resources than others. Japan can serve as an inspiration to other countries, where rising healthcare costs and new delivery systems have proved challenging. 

Ms. Peterson noted that delivery systems must change as patients come to expect the same level of customization, access, and control in healthcare that they experience in the rest of their lives. Healthcare systems and technologies must incorporate big data and behavioral science in ways that both meet patient needs and are also affordable. Ms. Peterson also stated that Japan will follow the United States in the trend of healthcare shifting out of hospitals to pharmacies, small clinics, and people’s homes, and said Johnson & Johnson will work in this area to create an effective healthcare system. 

Ms. Peterson then outlined Johnson & Johnson’s history of transformative innovation and dedication to R&D. She also described Johnson & Johnson’s collaboration with NTT on cloud systems, and its collaboration with the Japan External Trade Organization on the Tokyo Science Center. 

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