Mental Wellness Affinity Group Meets for Last Meeting of the Year

On December 4 (U.S.) and December 5 (Japan), USJC Council Leader Gerald Hane (Health and Global Policy Institute) facilitated the final discussion of the year for the Mental Wellness Affinity Group. The session provided an opportunity for members to collaborate on potential activities slated for 2024, building on the success of a previous breakout session held during the Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

During the meeting, Council Leader Sam Ushio (Connect3x) presented a recap of the Ikigai Summit. This event, the world’s first cross-cultural gathering dedicated to “ikigai” – the Japanese concept denoting “your reason for being” – was scientifically proven to enhance longevity, creativity, productivity and happiness. The in-person summit in Seattle, Washington featured a diverse array of content, experiences and connections, offering valuable insights applicable to both personal and professional life.

Additionally, Council Leader Kenji Furushiro (Pasona N A, Inc.) shared insights about the recent “Awaji Well-being Week” organized by Pasona N A, Inc.. This week-long event consisted of four themed activities focusing on sports, food, healthcare and innovation. Mr. Furushiro also highlighted Pasona Group’s upcoming participation in Expo 2025 Osaka, Japan, where they plan to exhibit the “Pasona Natureverse” Pavilion. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the Mental Wellness Affinity Group or have any additional ideas for 2024 activities, please email the group at [email protected].