Shin-Issei Affinity Group Holds Their Third Conversation with Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin Students

The USJC Shin-Issei group steering committee continued its conversation with the Tokyo-based Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin (Shinajo) junior and senior high school for girls. This session was requested by a group of mainly high school seniors and juniors who are interested in higher education in the USA.  The agenda was prepared by the students and moderated by two outstandingly impressive young women seen in the top left corner of the photo.

The prepared questions focused on the differences between Japanese and American college education, memorable classes, extracurricular activities and application of what we gained in college to our careers. Additional questions from the students included the pros and cons of a year of overseas study in high school and whether to pursue overseas work by joining the headquarters of a Japanese company or proceeding directly to the United States. A light moment was provided by one student who asked for help on her research into the importance of “small talk” in American relationship-building.

The Shin-Issei steering committee continues to be impressed with the caliber and motivation of Shinajo students and believes that we are making a contribution to their global development.

Thank you to Ichiro Sekimitsu for the above write-up and photo!