USJC NorCal Region Visits Toyota Research Institute

What does the future of robotics and driving look like? The USJC NorCal members got a glimpse when they visited the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) on November 14. Hosted by USJC Associate Kumudra Aung (TRI), USJC members received a private tour of the TRI Robotics and Human Interactive Driving divisions in Los Altos, CA.

TRI’s research laboratories and garage are an innovative space, testing out real-life scenarios where automation meets human interaction.

The USJC NorCal committee welcomes unique experiences in the region thanks to its diverse members in technology, culture, public policy and business. The Northern California region will host the USJC NorCal Bonnenkai on December 14!

Thank you to USJC Associate Saki Takasu (McKinsey & Company) for the above content and photos!