USJC’s Mental Wellness Affinity Group Discusses Mental Health Challenges Faced by Youth with Changing Tides

On September 7 (U.S.), the USJC Mental Wellness Affinity Group partnered with Changing Tides, a program of the Little Tokyo Service Center in Los Angeles, to organize a transformative event aimed at inspiring more profound discussions around mental health within the diverse Japanese American and broader Asian American community. The central objective of the event was to understand the contemporary mental health challenges that younger generations encounter.

The event served as a reminder of the generations of strength and resilience that have shaped our communities. Anchored in these enduring values, Changing Tides boldly challenged prevailing attitudes toward mental health, with a particular emphasis on fostering a more open and accepting perspective among the younger generation. Throughout the event, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, delving into topics such as how to initiate and navigate conversations about mental health with our loved ones. These conversations, though often difficult, are vital for building understanding and support within our communities.

Additionally, the event underscored the significance of collective action by exploring the initiatives that the USJC can undertake to promote mental health awareness and combat the associated stigma as a united community. These discussions served as another reminder that change begins with us, and through collaboration, we have the power to cultivate a new, open-minded generation that prioritizes mental health.