Ventures and Collaboration in the Clean Energy & Technology (R)Evolution

“Ventures and Collaboration in the Clean Energy & Technology (R)evolution” was one of ten panel discussions that was held on October 4, 2013, during the 4th USJC Annual Conference.


Moderator: Ms. Kei Ashizawa, Associate, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
Speakers: Ms. Kay Fukunaga, Director of Hawaii State Affairs, NextEra Energy Hawaii
Dr. Gerald Hane, President & Chief Executive Officer, Battelle-Japan
Mr. Jeffrey A. Miller, Director, U.S. Department of Energy Japan Office, U.S. Embassy Tokyo, U.S. Department of Energy
Ms. Ginger Vaughn, Television Journalist, CCTV


Given the rapidly evolving policy and market context for clean energy and clean technologies, what are today’s (and tomorrow’s) opportunities for strengthening U.S.-Japan bilateral relations, as well as economic and energy interdependence?  This breakout session directly supported the Conference theme of “Risk, Reward and Innovation” through presentation and discussion of progress to date and emerging focus areas at the convergence of energy policy, clean technology entrepreneurship, and leadership.  The session invited attendees to engage in the exploring new opportunities in Clean Energy/Clean Tech, and feature panelist perspectives as well as an interactive roundtable discussion.


Ed Shikada, Deputy City Manager of San Jose, gave a special welcome and introduction, explaining that this session is an ongoing dialogue hosted by USJC to facilitate cross-sector understanding and action related to Clean Energy and Clean Technology opportunities.

Moderator Kei Ashizawa gave an overview of the topic, shared personal experiences as a young professional in the energy field and discussed emerging opportunities. The speakers followed:

Jeffrey Miller gave an overview of the U.S. perspective on Japan energy policy as well as market direction.

Kay Fukunaga spoke about current U.S./Hawaii activities in clean energy development, and gave her perspective on technological and entrepreneurial opportunities created by Japan’s market direction.

Gerald Hane discussed his experiences in supporting entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation in Japan, as well as institutional issues and lessons learned for future success.

Ginger Vaughn spoke about media and popular interest in Japan energy issues in the post-Tohoku era, at the regional, national and international levels.

Ms. Ashizawa wrapped the discussion by connecting these perspectives that form a mosaic of issues and opportunities, and opened the floor for questions and comments from session attendees.