2017 Consuls General & Japanese American Leaders Meeting


CG-JA participants at the Ambassador’s Residence in December 2015

The Annual Meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls General and Japanese American Leaders (CG-JA) is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organized by the U.S.-Japan Council and the Embassy of Japan. The purpose of the meeting is to bring leadership together from both sides of the Pacific to discuss how to collaboratively work together to ensure a stronger U.S.-Japan relationship. Consistent with the U.S.-Japan Council mission, building strong enduring “people-to-people” relationships among Japanese Americans and Japanese leaders has been the goal of these meetings throughout the years.

2017 Meeting

Irene Hirano Inouye and Minister Takuya Sasayama, Co-Chairs of this year’s CG-JA

On January 11, prominent Japanese Americans selected by their respective Consuls General from across the United States participated in a discussion with Japanese government leaders as part of MOFA’s annual meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls General and Japanese American Leaders (CG-JA) in Washington, DC.

The discussion focused on several key issues for the Japanese government and regions across the United States, including strengthening regional ties, public diplomacy and bilateral exchange programs.

Participants shared their views on the U.S.-Japan relationship under the new U.S. presidential administration, the importance of continuing support for programs that strengthen mutual interests and build goodwill between the two countries (TOMODACHI Initiative, KAKEHASHI Project, etc.), opportunities to build new U.S.-Japan relationships across different regions and communities, and more.

Council Leader Glen Gondo (left) and Vice-Chair of the USJC Board of Directors Gary Moriwaki (right) with Irene, at the welcoming dinner on January 10

Participants also shared information about upcoming anniversaries and special events, including the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 and educational opportunities connected to it.

Following the meeting, Ambassador of Japan Kenichiro Sasae hosted a lunch at his residence for the JA leaders, Consuls General and Honorary Consuls General. After the Ambassador’s speech, USJC President Irene Hirano Inouye gave special remarks.

Council Leader Bruce Hollywood, Planner at the U.S. Department of Defense (not pictured), also spoke at CG-JA and gave fellow Japanese American leaders a tour of the Pentagon

The CG-JA meeting is an annual collaborative effort between the Embassy of Japan and the U.S.-Japan Council. This year, the discussion was co-chaired by Irene Hirano Inouye and Minister Takuya Sasayama.


Previous meetings have occurred in:

  • February 2003 in Los Angeles
  • January 2004 in Washington, DC
  • November 2005 in San Francisco
  • June 2007 in New York City
  • January 2009 in Washington, DC
  • February 2010 in Washington, DC
  • February 2011 in Washington, DC
  • October 2012 in Seattle, WA
  • November 2013 in Washington, DC
  • October 2014 in Washington, DC
  • December 2015 in Washington, DC