As temperatures continue to rise and weather patterns become more extreme, global ecosystems have become dangerously strained – threatening both precious biodiversity and human civilization. As global superpowers, the United States and Japan are well-positioned to galvanize the fight against climate change and spearhead sustainable business practices. The U.S.-Japan Council is committed to protecting our planet. By bringing together climate experts, business leaders, government officials and the next generation, we instigate critical conversations and key dialogues that identify challenges and promote innovative solutions for a greener future.

Our Climate & Sustainability Initiative is designed to put the spotlight on the climate crisis. Through virtual and in-person events and activities, we challenge bilateral leaders and changemakers to share strategies and take action.

The USJC Climate & Sustainability Initiative is supported by the initiative’s Founding Strategic Partner, Amazon.

Featured Events

IRA and GX Strategy: U.S.-Japan Partnership for a Net-Zero World

2023 Annual Conference Sustainability Roundtable

EX Speaker Series & Startup Showcase

Experts Discuss Nature-based Solutions for Addressing Climate Change

Japan Region Discusses Latest Global Developments in Sustainability 

Unlocking Japan’s Renewable Energy Future

Roundtable on Meeting the Twin Challenges of Climate Change and Energy Security through Methane Mitigation

2022 Annual Conference Sustainability Roundtable

U.S.-Japan Climate Partnership: Increasing the Availability of Affordable Clean Energy

U.S.-Japan Leadership in Addressing the Climate Crisis (featuring U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, and Japan’s Minister of the Environment, KOIZUMI Shinjiro)

[Japan Perspectives Webinar Series] Energy, Climate, & Environmental Sustainability in the Biden & Suga Administrations

Video Series