On June 21 (U.S.), USJC held a webinar titled “Unlocking Japan’s Renewable Energy Future,” which provided participants with an updated understanding of the various renewable energy initiatives in place across the government and the private sectors in Japan, and explored the potential roles of multi-sector stakeholders in helping Japan achieve greater adoption of renewable energy.

The Honorable KOIKE Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo, shared Tokyo’s ambitious goals of Carbon Half 2030 and Zero Emission 2050 and innovating pathways to increase renewable energy adoption, including mandatory installment of solar power equipment to certain new houses, mandatory installment of battery charging stations to certain buildings, introducing hydrogen-related facilities and more. She stressed that it is “TIME TO ACT.”

An esteemed panel discussion of experts followed the Governor’s remarks.

  • Naoaki “Nick” Eguchi (Baker McKenzie, Tokyo) presented the supply side perspective of the private sector and specific options for deregulations to boost renewable energy supply.
  • Ken Haig (Amazon Web Services) presented the demand side perspective, including investment in renewable energy projects all over the world, stressing the strong need for affordable renewable energy supply in Japan.
  • Yusuke Matsuo (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) presented innovative policies that could provide for the next wave of renewable energy adoption in Japan, including floating offshore wind power.

The panel was moderated by USJC Board of Directors (Japan) Member Ayako Kameda (Shell). She used her extensive experience in the energy industry and sustainability to ask the panelists a series of questions probing the differences in American and Japanese policy-making and innovative solutions for increasing supply and demand.

A private after-session discussion followed the webinar, with participants including select private, public and nonprofit representatives with an interest in climate and sustainability. The session allowed them to dive deeper into the potential roles of USJC and its network in helping Japan achieve greater adoption of renewable energy.

Click here to watch the recording.

This webinar is part of the USJC Climate and Sustainability Initiative, supported by the initiative’s Founding Strategic Partner, Amazon.

Update (July 12, 2023): Since the dialogue, the webinar’s collaborating partner, the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR), and USJC Senior Advisor and CEO of Global Link Lab, Inc. TANABE Yasuo provided summaries and expert analyses. Click here to read his original piece in Japanese, or click here to read PICHTR’s English detailed summary.