Regional Women in Leadership Event Discusses Business Across Cultures

The U.S.-Japan Council Regional Women in Leadership, together with the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Augusta Economic Development Authority, presented Womenomics Across Cultures in Augusta, Georgia on Tuesday, January 17. The panel discussion was moderated by Council Leader Nozomi Morgan (Michiki Morgan Worldwide) and  with honorary speakers included Jacquie Carson, (ADP); USJC Council Leader Jessica Cork (YKK Corporation of America) and Shalanda Morris (Universal Plumbing), who explored topics of women in leadership and business across culture.

Each speaker brought their wealth of knowledge and experience in working across cultures, and they congruently underscored the importance of having a “global dexterity mindset” – knowing where to draw the line and when to adapt to cross-cultural differences in the workplace. The panelists also expressed their hope for the next generation. Ms. Carson encouraged young women, who often feel overshadowed by social media, to “honor their authentic identity.” Ms. Cork expressed her excitement in the next generation, who are able to “push a company to do a better job with their new perspectives.” While the panelists shared their beliefs about the next generation, Ms. Morris touched on the critical issue of the shortage of skilled workers, and a dearth of female representation in plumbing and construction industries. She encouraged more female participation in these male-dominated industries – and the crowd applauded enthusiastically.

The critical dialogue led by these female champions inspired 206 attendees, and this meaningful exchange was featured in the local news, WJBF NewsChannel 6 and Augusta Business Daily.

USJC would like to sincerely thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Embassy of Japan in the United States of America, the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Augusta Economic Development Authority, the Japanese American Society of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Economic Development for their sponsorship and partnership.