Shin-Issei Members Hold Discussion with Students from the Hiroshima Integrated Global Studies (IGS) Program

The USJC Shin-Issei Affinity Group held a discussion with students in the Hiroshima University Integrated Global Studies (IGS) Program on October 17.

A group of about 40 third year college students including international students from Asia, the United Kingdom and Japan engaged in a lively conversation on “Building a Career Abroad.” The agenda was moderated by the students who asked perceptive questions about our motivations in pursuing higher education and employment in the United States.

A question about how we coped with intercultural conflicts while working for multinational corporations was relevant to the international students studying in Japan and the Japanese students who were preparing to work overseas.

The students found value in the conversation as evidenced in the feedback we received:

One of the points I think that I can relate the most is when Iwasuji-san talked about how living abroad had given her the opportunity to learn about another side of herself that she never knew existed. 

“Ask for help when I am faced with a problem.” This was the most impressive word for me.

I have learned that we need this analytical knowledge in every field because all studies are connected to each other.

So, I was so encouraged when you said, “Do not hesitate to seize a chance because we can always change our ways.” As you said, most Japanese tend to decide slowly, and I do too.

The Shin-Issei Affinity Group will continue to look for opportunities to guide the next generation in developing their global perspective and contributions to society. As always, if you would like to join us, please contact [email protected], or one of the steering committee members: Aya Iwasuji (NoCal), Ichiro Sekimitsu (HI), Masami Tyson (TN), Tatsuki Tomita (NoCal), Toshiki Masaki (MI), Vince Okada (HI), Yuko Watanabe (WA), and Yumi Higashi (NY).

We wish all USJC members and staff a safe and peaceful holiday season!