To our Members and Regional Chairs: Thank You!

We are enormously grateful for the leadership of our regional leaders and committee members. Our members are an indispensable part of the success of the U.S.-Japan Council. The Council’s success is due to a variety of stakeholders, sponsors, staff and members; this is something we have been cognizant of since the inception of the organization and will continue to be at the forefront of our minds.

Our members have held 90 events with an attendance of 2,288 members in our current hybrid setting.* This is an amazing accomplishment. We have seen an increase in events and attendance compared to 2019, where we hosted 40 events with 1,400+ attendees. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our regional leaders and committee members for their continuous work and efforts to bring the USJC community together. We truly appreciate all of your hard work and support.

Thank you to all of the following individuals:

At-Large Member

  • Lori Matsukawa (JALD ’05)


  • Eriko Stronach (ELP ’20, Co-Chair)
  • Darin Arita (Co-Chair)
  • Shotaro Imazu (Program Coordinator)


  • Yoh Kawanami (Chair)
  • Emi Au (Vice-Chair)

Pacific Northwest

  • Yuko Watanabe (ELP ’17, Chair)
  • Kelsi Ida (Vice-Chair)
  • Danielle Higa (ELP ’17, Vice-Chair)
  • Verne Naito (JALD ’13, Vice-Chair)

NorCal & Nevada

  • Jackie Funasaki (Co-Chair)
  • Dianne Fukami (JALD ’09, Co-Chair)
  • Michael Sera (Committee Member)
  • Tatsuki Tomita (Committee Member) 
  • Derek Kenmotsu (ELP ’17, Committee Member)
  • Miko Sawamura (Committee Member)
  • Saki Takasu (Committee Member)


  • Ako Shimada (Co-Chair)
  • Peter Shimamoto (Co-Chair)
  • Sachi Hamai (Board Member)


  • Tim Higashide (ELP ’14, Co-Chair)
  • Courtney Ozaki (ELP ’17, Co-Chair)

Texas & Vicinity

  • Kei Ashizawa (ELP ’11, Co-Chair)
  • Ginger Vaughn (ELP ’12, Co-Chair)


  • Anna Ninoyu (Chair)

New York & Vicinity

  • Terry Suzuki (Chair, Board Member)
  • Rona Tison (Vice Chair, Board Member)
  • Susan Onuma (JALD ’12, Advisor)
  • Gary Moriwaki (JALD ’11, Advisor) 
  • Susan McCormac (Programs/Communications Committee)
  • Mari Iwahara (ELP ’21, Programs/Communications Committee)
  • Julie Azuma (JALD ’13, Membership Committee)
  • Andy Shartzer (ELP ’21, Membership Committee)

New England

  • Ginny Fordham (Co-Chair)
  • Christine Pilcavage (JALD ’20, Co-Chair)

Washington, DC & Vicinity

  • Janet Nuzum (Chair, JALD ’10)
  • Kyla Kitamura (ELP ‘17, Co-Vice-Chair)
  • Tim White (Co-Vice Chair)


  • Jose Fuentes (JALD ’06, Co-Chair)
  • Rob Ohno (Co-Chair)

*Please note that these numbers are accurate as of December 9, 2022; additional events have occurred in the interim and will continue to be held until the end of the year.