Resources for Members

Please refer to this page for information specific to your region, or any other resources you may need.

Guides for Members

For more information on regional events or if you would like to volunteer to help in your region, please contact Wendy Abe at [email protected] or your regional leaders listed below.

  • Hawaii (Ann Teranishi & Yoh Kawanami)
  • Japan (Grant Tanabe)
  • New England/Boston (Ginny Fordham)
  • New York & Vicinity (Susan Onuma)
  • Northern CA (Emily Murase & Dana Heatherton)
  • Midwest (Lisa Sakai)
  • Mountain (Tim Higashide)
  • Pacific NW (Colleen Fukui-Sketchley & Verne Naito)
  • Southeast (José Keichi Fuentes)
  • Southwest/Southern CA (Terry Hara)
  • Texas (Donna Cole & Kei Ashizawa)
  • Washington, DC (Bruce Hollywood)

Communications Guidelines for Members

For any questions regarding logo usage, event notifications and summaries, publications, “swag” etc., please see our communications guidelines here  (Last updated: January 2020).

2019-2021 Strategic Framework

We are pleased to share the new Strategic Framework and the updated Mission and Purpose Statement. We believe this will provide guidance for our work in the future. We will be sharing plans for work over the next three years and look forward to your continued involvement and support. 

For Use When Explaining USJC to External Parties


If you have the opportunity to introduce USJC to external parties or new members, please download and use this presentation (Last updated: February 2019). Please feel free to modify it according to your own region.

Please note that this presentation includes links to videos online. If you would like to obtain presentations with videos that are embedded (i.e. to give presentations in rooms without internet access, for example), please contact USJC Communications Staff at [email protected].

Fact Sheets / Pitches

USJC Elevator Pitch



Photos from various events are available on our Flickr page here.

Please click on the “Albums” tab to access individual albums


Videos are also available online at the following links. If you need to have copies of the videos themselves (to show in a room without internet access), please contact USJC Communications Staff at [email protected].

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