USJC Board of Directors

Ms. Sachi Hamai

Finance Committee Chair, USJC

Retired, Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles County

Sachi A. Hamai was the Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles County from October 2015 to August 2020. She was responsible for managing the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the  nation’s largest municipal government, including the oversight of Los Angeles County’s $36.1 billion  budget. Her strong fiscal management led Los Angeles County to achieve the overall highest credit rating  in its recorded history, including its most recent S&P Global Ratings increase to AAA, the highest possible  credit rating available in the financial markets. Los Angeles County achieved a total of four credit  upgrades under her leadership. 

As CEO, she was instrumental in developing, implementing and advancing the Board of Supervisors’ key  priorities. These include the unprecedented response to the region’s homeless crisis, streamlining access  to health services, justice reform, child protection, immigrant rights protection and environmental  monitoring and oversight.  

A champion of transformative change within local government, Sachi successfully challenged L.A.  County’s workforce of more than 112,000 employees to break down barriers, collaborate and innovate  across a broad range of society’s most challenging issues.  

In 2019, Sachi was named one of L.A.’s Top 500 most influential leaders for the fourth consecutive year  by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Most recently, Innovate@UCLA announced Sachi as its unanimous  choice to receive the 2019 Public Sector Executive Leadership Award. Sachi is also the 2018 winner of  the Clarence A. Dykstra Award for Excellence in Government. Other professional recognition includes the Asian American Architects and Engineers Association’s 2017 Asian American Leadership Award and  honors from the Asian American Employee Association and the Indian American Professional  Association. In 2017, Sachi co-founded WomenLeadLAC as a forum for up-and-coming managers to  network with L.A. County’s top executives. She serves on the board of United Way of Greater Los  Angeles and is a member of the U.S.-Japan Council.  

Sachi is a passionate marathon and long-distance runner who has participated nationally and  internationally in nearly 40 races in the past five years. She achieved her personal best time in the 2015 Tokyo Marathon.