Shin-Issei Shinnenkai

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Date: January 18 (U.S.) / January 19 (Japan)
Time: 8:00pm (ET) / 5:00pm (PT) / 10:00am (JT)
Virtual Event
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The Shin-Issei affinity group will kick off the new year of the rabbit by what has now become its annual tradition–a virtual Shinnenkai networking session. Now into its third year, the shinnenkai will mainly consist of a breakout session where members with similar interests get to know and exchange thoughts with each other. This time, members will be invited to discuss new ideas for future Shin-Issei programs from a few different angles as well as their roles in them. The group hopes 2023 will be a year of “leap” and “growth,” much like what a rabbit symbolizes in Japan.

There will be both English and Japanese breakout rooms to accommodate each member’s language preference. For inquiries, please contact the Shin-Issei Steering Committee at [email protected]