“Tabemasho! Let’s Eat! A Tasty History of Japanese Food in America” Book Talk

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Date: December 8, 2022
6:00pm (ET)
Muckley Building (MIT building E40)Pye Conference Room (Room 496) 1 Amherst Street, Cambridge.
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Tabemasho! Let’s Eat! A Tasty History of Japanese Food in America is Gil Asakawa’s personal look at how Japanese food has evolved over decades in America from an exotic and mysterious cuisine to the peak of culinary popularity, with sushi sold in supermarkets and ramen available  everywhere. He is also the author of Being Japanese American: A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa…& their Friends. An amateur chef, he writes about food on social media and on his blog, NikkeiView.com. Gil has traveled to Japan many times as an adult, and  has tried everything from the fabulous crab from his mom’s hometown of Nemuro to the north in Hokkaido, to Goya Champuru, the bitter melon stir-fry of Okinawa to the south. In between, he has  slurped a variety of noodles at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and even had  basashi, horse meat, raw as sashimi in the castle town of Kumamoto on Kyushu. He’ll discuss the journey many Japanese foods have taken to become mainstream in the United States, and will suggest the foods Americans will probably never embrace (basashi for instance).


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TALK LOCATION: Muckley Building (MIT building E40) Pye Conference Room (Room 496) 

1 Amherst Street, Cambridge. 

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MASKS?: For the consideration of all attending in person, we are encouraging the use of face masks. 

BOOK SIGNING: Bring your copy of Tabemasho! Let’s Eat! for Gil’s signature. Order your copy through your local bookstore or Amazon. 

For those attending in person, we are having a raffle and five lucky people will receive a free copy of Gil’s book.