Message From Audrey Yamamoto

Greetings from Tokyo! It’s been so inspiring to witness the vibrancy of our USJC network here in Japan. I’ve had the privilege of meeting with numerous chief executives of our generous sponsors, dedicated board members, amazing members and talented staff. Being here has made me even more grateful to be entering our next chapter with such strength and momentum, thanks to the unwavering efforts of those who have been the driving force behind establishing USJC as one of the most influential organizations committed to U.S.-Japan relations. Key to our success has been the engagement of all of you and the tremendous leadership of Irene Hirano Inouye and Suzanne Basalla.

It’s also been gratifying to experience the programs we were recognized for in the Joint Leaders’ Statement from Prime Minister Kishida’s State Visit. It was moving to hear reflections from our Kibou for Maui delegation, who will be returning to Maui with a renewed sense of hope and lifelong connections they can leverage as they continue to recover and rebuild thanks to the generous support of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I was also totally impressed by our TOMODACHI alumni, who I had the pleasure of getting to know over a walk and lunch. Their ambition, talent and drive gives me great hope for our next generation of leaders who are passionate about our bilateral relationship. Finally, it was wonderful to be able to thank Ambassador Emanuel and our fantastic contacts at the Embassy for selecting us as their partner for the Mineta Ambassadors Program, which will support student exchanges for generations to come.

A couple of additional highlights were the keynote speakers at our Board of Councilors and Business Advisory Board meetings: KONO Taro, Minister of Digital Transformation, and Miki Tsusaka, President of Microsoft Japan. Be on the lookout for a recap and photos from both events in next month’s newsletter!

With warmest regards,

President & CEO