Shin-Issei Members Share Personal Career Journeys in Two Cultures

One week before the USJC Annual Conference, about 30 Shin-Issei affinity group members across the U.S. and Japan got together for a virtual networking event. The session was hosted by USJC Associate Yuko Watanabe (ELP ‘17) and titled: Struggles and Joys of (Re)building a Career outside Japan. It was the finale of the three-part series of networking events, following two previous sessions held in August and September, as an initiative to enhance the experience of meeting in person at the Annual Conference in Tokyo.

After reading a few essays on All Our Tomorrows and Tapestory, portals founded by Yuko that feature personal stories written by anonymous women with roots in Japan, each participant shared his or her personal journeys of struggles and joys during the breakout session. The Shin-Issei affinity group plans to continue offering various opportunities to network among Shin-Issei members and allies. 

In the meanwhile, to inquire about the Shin-Issei affinity group, please contact [email protected], or one of the steering committee members: Aya Iwasuji (NoCal), Ichiro Sekimitsu (HI), Masami Tyson (TN), Tatsuki Tomita (NoCal), Toshiki Masaki (MI), Vince Okada (HI), Yuko Watanabe (WA), and Yumi Higashi (NY).

Thank you to Yumi Higashi-Ho and Ichi Sekimitsu for the above content and photo!