USJC New York Region Tours New Jersey Sun Noodle Factory

On June 8, the USJC New York Regional Committee, led by USJC Board Member Terry Suzuki (ORIX Corporation USA), organized a visit to the Sun Noodle factory in New Jersey. Since 1981, Sun Noodle has been producing restaurant-quality noodles and noodle kits, available in local restaurants, supermarkets, natural and specialty stores and Asian markets worldwide. With factories in Hawaii, California, New Jersey and the Netherlands, Sun Noodle brings passion, joy and the aloha spirit to strengthen U.S.-Japan relations through Japanese cuisine. USJC members and their families enjoyed a presentation on the company’s history, a factory tour and received lots of noodles for omiyage. Following the tour, attendees had a delicious dinner at Ivan Ramen.

A heartfelt thank you to Kenshiro Uki (Sun Noodle, ELP ’14) and Hisae Uki (Sun Noodle, ELP ’18) for generously sponsoring the event, from the factory visit to dinner, and allowing members to learn more about Sun Noodle. Special thanks to Council Leader Darin Arita (New York Life) for his key role in organizing another successful gathering.