USJC Next Generation Leaders Learn More about the Spectrum of Japanese American Experiences

On October 26, over 65 young leaders from the TOMODACHI and Watanabe programs heard personal and historical experiences from a Japanese American lens. 

USJC Associate Eriko Stronach talked about her experiences as a Japanese American growing up in Niigata and Boston; Nate Gyotoku, introduced the legacy of the Meiji Gannen Mono, the first Japanese immigrants who came to Hawaii; and finally Patrick Newell gave a powerful lesson on storytelling. JASP Intern Sarina Noma opened the session by introducing the program. 

They represented the U.S.-Japan Council Japanese American Storytelling Program that highlights the spectrum of different Japanese American experiences – generational, regional, multiracial, etc. – through the power of storytelling. The session was held at the Google Office in Shibuya, as part of the U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference. 

Select photos from the event can be viewed here.