USJC Women+ Forum Hosts Second Event Titled “Beyond Mid-Career: Advanced Secrets to Success”

The USJC Women+ Forum hosted a second event on September 26 with an inter-generational and geographically diverse panel of female leaders within the USJC community: USJC Legacy Council Member and Chair of the Pacific Northwest Region of JP Morgan Chase & Co., Phyllis Campbell; USJC Associate and Senior Vice President, Director of Consumer Banking Strategy & Planning for American Savings Bank Emi Au; and Representative Director of the USJC Board of Directors (Japan) and Outside Director at Gojo & Company, Inc. Royanne Doi. The event, which explored the theme of “Beyond Mid-Career: Advanced Secrets to Success,” aimed to provide a safe and unique space to openly discuss issues that may be sensitive or hard to honestly address in other venues.

The female leaders discussed where Asian American Pacific Islanders stand in the bigger picture of leadership at upper levels of our organizations as well as the model minority myth. The panelists also shared key learning from their personal careers including:

  • “Get Ready. Be Ready.”
  • “Women showing courage provides courage to other women.”
  • “Avoid climbing the ladder of assumptions.” 

In response to overwhelming feedback from the first Women+ Forum event, the second event was extended to 90 minutes. After the initial panel discussion and Q&A session, participants moved into small breakout groups that provide a more intimate setting for members to get to know each other better and further explore the topics discussed by the panel. Insights that were discussed during the breakout sessions will be summarized and made available to the attendees in support of the “safe-to-say” principle of the Forum.

Participants and other Women+ Forum members will meet during the 2022 USJC Annual Conference on October 28. The next event hosted by the Women+ Forum is scheduled for first quarter of 2023.

Thank you to Royanne Doi for the written content!