2024 TOMODACHI Program
Program/theme: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Date: U.S. trip to be conducted in the summer 2024 or spring 2024  (TBC) 
Duration: About 4 months – Pre-trip orientation, US Trip, and Final presentation 
U.S. destination: TBC
Participants: 14-20 Japanese high school students
Deadline: See Selection Process Timeline
Request For Proposals from Implementers

Program Overview

SDGs – The Sustainable Development Goals “Global Goals of a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” 

In recent years, the importance of SDGs has been recognized, and many Japanese high schools are working on SDGs through designating Tankyu (exploration) classes, where many students expose themselves to various social issues in Japan. In this program, high school students who are interested in SDGs will aim to deepen their learning and practice what they learn within their ability.

In the program, high school students from different regions throughout Japan will learn and share about the different on-going social problems.  By exchanging opinions and active discussions, students will come together and their awareness on issues will be fostered. 

The TOMODACHI Initiative is looking for interested individuals and organizations with prior working experiences with Japanese students, to help us implement the proposed program in 2024 for multiple years.  We will be accepting proposals to realize and implement the “SDGs Program.” Although the TOMODACHI initiative expects individuals and organizations to provide services on outreach, recruitment, selection, execution of Japan domestic programing and US trip, we also accept proposals for US trip only or Japan domestic programing only.  If interested, please review the following in its entirety and send a brief abstract (50-100 words) by April 20th JST  to [email protected]. Selected abstracts will then be asked to submit a full proposal by May15th JST. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

If you would like to share this opportunity with others, feel free to circulate this document.

Guidelines for Proposals

Implementation of  this program is a collaborative process between you and the TOMODACHI Initiative of USJC. Thus, the implementer serves as the main point of contact between the participants and the TOMODACHI Initiative, and engages in the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Working with the TOMODACHI Initiative as needed to refine a proposal under review or an accepted proposal to align with the program goals;
  • Preparing program information for use on the program application and the TOMODACHI Initiative’s marketing and promotion resources, as needed;
  • Inviting, confirming, and liaising with agreed upon speakers on an ongoing basis;
  • Arranging, confirming, and liaising with agreed upon facilities and organization for visits
  • Submitting a final program itinerary (due to the TOMODACHI Initiative two months before the execution);
  • Submitting final budget (due to the TOMODACHI Initiative by six month before the execution); and
  • Working with the TOMODACHI Initiative on any special needs or requests for the successful execution of the program.

The TOMODACHI Initiative will provide oversight and feedback on accepted proposals to maintain alignment with the program goals. In order to support you for a successful program, the TOMODACHI Initiative will: 

  • Help market and promote the recruitment of the participants;
  • Maintain creative control over the program content;
  • Provide support and engagement opportunities for the program;and
  • Provide any additional information as needed and is helpful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that all materials or information presented at the program will be stored on the TOMODACHI Initiative’s private databases. Sessions during the program may be video and/or audio recorded for public access. All arrangements and intended use of materials or information will be disclosed and agreed upon in advance.  The TOMODACHI Initiative will make reasonable accommodations to not share or disclose sensitive or proprietary information with the public, upon request. Please send any questions or comments to [email protected].

Examples of Contents:

Orientation, online sessions (prep session for U.S. trip to include sessions with guest speakers, virtual site visits, etc.), U.S. Trip, final presentation

We encourage submitting proposals that align with the program contents. This is not an all-inclusive list of potential program contents. If you do not see your activity in the list above, please feel free to send us your abstract; we will be happy to consider it.


Selection will be a two-step process with the following timeline:

1. Abstract: 

Submit a brief abstract of 50-100 words describing your idea for your session to [email protected] as a Word, Google Docs, or PDF file. Please indicate your name, title, affiliation, mobile number, and email address when you submit your proposal. If you have worked with the TOMODACHI Initiative before, please state.

The first priority due date of this abstract is April 20st JST, and you will be notified by April 28th JST with a decision. If accepted, you will be asked to submit a full proposal.  The TOMODACHI Initiative will continue to accept and review abstracts and full proposals on a rolling basis after the first priority due date listed above until April 25th JST or all open session slots are filled. 

2. Full Proposal: 

Once your abstract is accepted, submit a full proposal by May 15th JST.  The TOMODACHI Initiative will review and issue final decisions by May 30th JST . See Required Information for Full Proposals for more detailed instructions. 

For accepted proposals, TheTOMODACHI Initiative will follow up with you to coordinate the date and time of the first meeting to execute the program.

Required Information for Full Proposals

Please submit your full proposal with the budget as a Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF file to [email protected]. Blank forms for proposal and budget will be provided by the TOMODACHI Initiative. All proposals submitted to the TOMODACHI Initiative must be in English and include the following: 

Your contact information

  • Provide your name, title, affiliation, phone number, and email address.

Prior experience

  • Provide names of TOMODACHI programs implemented by you or your organization
  • Provide prior experience working with Japanese students

Potential Speakers List

  • Provide a list of people who may be considered as speakers or workshop instructors for the program (name, title, affiliation, and email address).

Workshop/Seminar Title

  • Please keep it short, no more than 12 words recommended.

Potential Site Visit List

  • Provide a list of sites which may be considered as site visits for the program (company or organization name, industry, address, contact person’s email address and phone number).  Also indicate which one will be done virtually and in-person.


  • Provide a brief summary of the program itinerary describing the purpose and key messages or experience to deliver in 100-200 words. 

Program Format

  • Indicate which part of the program is done virtually and in-person.  
  • Indicate which language(English or Japanese) the program is conducted.  If it is in English, provide a source of interpretation.

Program Length

  • We are planning the program to last for 4 months with a U.S. trip to happen for 7 days or more.  If you would like to propose a longer or shorter program, please specify. 

Target Participants

  • High school students from all regions in Japan, those who want to learn more deeply about SDGs through quest classes, and those who have engaged or would like to engage in SDGs activity.