U.S.-Japan Council Membership

If you are a current member interested in submitting a nomination, please fill out the online form here.


The U.S.-Japan Council membership comprises Council Leaders, Associates, Friends of the Council and Corporate Members committed to the mission of the organization.


Council Leaders are leaders who actively contribute to shaping U.S.-Japan relations through the work of the Council. Associates are young professionals ages 18 to 40 engaged in the Council’s work. Friends of the Council are individuals who support the Council’s work and initiatives, and want to affiliate with and support the organization but who for various reasons are not able to become actively engaged in the Council’s activities. Corporate Members are companies that financially contribute to the Council’s general mission and programs on an annual basis at the level of $10,000 or more. The USJC membership includes top leaders from major corporations, academia and research, politics and law, non-profit and non-governmental community organizations, professional services, as well as entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  


All membership statistics as of December 2016 

Membership categories

Council Leadersmembership_growth_2016.JPG
Council Leaders
 are leaders who actively support the mission and goals of the organization, which works to engage Americans and Japanese in programs and activities by contributing time, expertise and resources.  Council Leaders have high levels of professional achievement with senior leadership positions held.  They have strong interests or experiences in U.S.-Japan relations, and an interest in building on the leadership role of Japanese Americans in U.S.-Japan relations, by engaging in these areas through the Council’s activities. 

The Associates category was created to include delegates of the Emerging Leaders Program due to the expressed desire to keep current, past, and future delegates connected to the Council.  It has grown to include young professionals between the ages of 18 and 40 as well as select alumni of USJC TOMODACHI programs.  

Friends of the Council
The Friends of the Council category is a distinguished group of leaders, experts, and contributors who have demonstrated their support of the Council’s mission and goals in building U.S.-Japan relations.  Friends of the Council may not be able to participate as Council Leaders due to prior commitments, time constraints or professional circumstances, limiting active involvement.  

Corporate Members 
Companies that contribute at least $10,000 per year to the Council are considered Corporate Members.  Companies designate executives to participate in Council events and activities.

The above categories of membership each receive the same benefits of participation, although the amount of annual dues varies.



For more information on USJC's membership criteria, please view the FAQ sheet here. 

Becoming a member

Membership is by invitation and nomination only. Council Leaders, Associates or Friend of the Council may nominate an individual for membership.


1) Identify a potential member and provide information to him or her about the Council
2) Fill out the nomination form
3) Submit a short narrative biography or resume for introduction to Membership & Development Coordinator Michael Berrios - mberrios@usjapancouncil.org.

The nomination is then submitted to the Membership Committee for review and approval. Once approved, the nominee will be sent an official invitation. Please note that this process may take several weeks once the nomination materials have been submitted.

If you are a member interested in submitting a nomination, please fill out the online form here.

Membership Contribution Levels

$50 - Ages 18-25
$100 - Ages 26-40

Council Leaders
$250 - JALD Alumni
$500 - Contributing Members
$1,000 - Contributing Benefactors

Friends of the Council
$500 - Contributing Members
$1,000 - Contributing Benefactors

*Contributing Benefactors ($1000 contributions and higher) will be recognized in our USJC Annual Report. 


Membership benefits

USJC members enjoy several benefits, including access to members-only events and discount rates at the Annual Conference.


USJC Annual Conference

USJC members can sign up for discounted rates for the Annual Conference. For more information, please view the Annual Conference webpage.


USJC Members Newsletter

New USJC members are automatically signed up for the twice-monthly USJC e-newsletter, which includes important news and upcoming event information. If you are currently not receiving the USJC newsletter, please contact press@usjapancouncil.org



Hotel New Otani - Tokyo

The Hotel New Otani Tokyo is generously providing USJC members with corporate discount rates through December 2016. 

To receive special rates for U.S.-Japan Council members, please call (212) 880-1501 or email nyoffice@newotani.co.jp and direct your inquiry to Mr. Akihiko Kojima, Director of Sales and Marketing, U.S.A. & Canada. When making your inquiry, please mention that you are a USJC Council member.

Read more about the special rates here.


Imperial Hotel - Tokyo

The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo is generously providing USJC members with corporate discount rates through December 2017.

Read more about the special rates here.


Tokyu Hotels - various

Tokyu Hotels is generously providing USJC members with discount rates at four of their Japan locations. Please click on the links below to find out more about the rates.

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- Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel - Rates

To make a reservation, please use the following information:

For USJC members in the United States:

Tokyu Hotels New York Office
Contact Person:  Ms. Ai Meyer
Email: reservation@tokyuhotelsjapan.com
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For USJC members in Japan:

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu
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Resources for Members

If you are a current member looking for various guidelines and resources, please click here.