The U.S.-Japan Council and the U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) brought together nearly 600 members, alumni and other friends of the U.S.-Japan relationship for its twelfth Annual Conference, which took place November 8-10. Held under the theme “Building a Sustainable, Secure and Inclusive Future Together,” the conference’s Washington, DC location held special significance this year, which opened with the January 2023 Biden-Kishida joint statement emphasizing the need to address critical issues in the Indo-Pacific region. Leaders across industries, backgrounds and generations instigated solution-focused discussions on key issues, with a special emphasis on sustainability, diversity and strengthening bilateral ties. 

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In a world facing numerous challenges, charting the course between the United States and Japan is more important than ever. The January 2023 Biden-Kishida joint statement emphasized the need for timely action to address many issues in the Asia-Pacific region. This year also sees Japan and the United States hosting important high-level multilateral meetings: the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan and the APEC CEO Summit. Both events will look at security, economics, health and other vital issues and will prioritize the need for sustainability, security and inclusivity. In response to those summits and voices of geopolitical leaders, the U.S.-Japan Council was pleased to bring remarkable global leaders to speak at our conference in Washington, DC.

The U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference is a yearly event that brings together regional, national and international leaders from the government, business, academia and nonprofit sectors to discuss the current status and future outlook of the U.S.-Japan partnership across a range of timely and relevant topics. Each year we look forward to seeing our Council members, program alumni, sponsors, and friends across diverse backgrounds, sectors and generations, and uncovering new avenues of cooperation between our two countries through informed discourse, leadership development and people-to-people connections at all levels.