The Annual Meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls General and Japanese American Leaders (CG-JA) is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organized by the U.S.-Japan Council and the Embassy of Japan. The purpose of the meeting is to bring leadership together from both sides of the Pacific to discuss how to collaboratively work together to ensure a stronger U.S.-Japan relationship. Consistent with the U.S.-Japan Council mission, building strong enduring “people-to-people” relationships among Japanese Americans and Japanese leaders has been the goal of these meetings throughout the years.

2024 Meeting

On January 24, prominent Japanese American leaders selected by their respective Consuls General from across the United States participated in a discussion with Japanese government leaders as part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s annual meeting of the Ambassador, Consuls General and Japanese American Leaders (CG-JA) in Washington, DC.

The discussion focused on several key issues for the Japanese government and the U.S.-Japan relationship, including enhancing relationships with the broader local communities and strengthening efforts to connect with Japanese American communities in more distant areas. Participants shared their experiences about successful, collaborative initiatives that have made a meaningful impact on communities, promoted friendship and cooperation, and spread cultural awareness and sensitivity. They also discussed the value of strong relationships between regional consulates and leaders in the Japanese American community and the importance of investing in local communities and the next generation of leaders.

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Previous meetings have occurred in:

  • February 2003 in Los Angeles, CA
  • January 2004 in Washington, DC
  • November 2005 in San Francisco, CA
  • June 2007 in New York, NY
  • January 2009 in Washington, DC
  • February 2010 in Washington, DC
  • February 2011 in Washington, DC
  • October 2012 in Seattle, WA
  • November 2013 in Washington, DC
  • October 2014 in Washington, DC
  • December 2015 in Washington, DC
  • January 2017 in Washington, DC
  • February 2018 in Chicago, IL
  • January 2019 in Washington, DC
  • January 2020 in Washington, DC
  • January 2024 in Washington, DC