Advanced Leadership Collective

What is the Advanced Leadership Collective? 

Designed for mid-career professionals, the USJC ALC is a cohort-based program that fosters authentic connections and empowers individuals to explore their professional and personal journeys, while also carefully considering the balance between the two. 

Immerse yourself in an engaging and supportive community, where community-conscious individuals share inspirations, confront life’s challenges, and collaborate on impactful professional and community initiatives. Explore a world of opportunities within USJC and beyond, and make a meaningful difference in your life and your community.

Cultivate Connections

The USJC ALC Program offers a unique annual platform for mid-career professionals to cultivate authentic relationships and engage in deep discussions about their careers, personal journeys and their balance between work and life.

Transformative Dialogue

Discussions within the program are designed to uncover common challenges, ignite inspiration and unveil opportunities for participants.

Built for Mid-Career Professionals

This program serves as a pilot program opportunity tailored specifically for mid-career professionals within the organization. 

Our Inaugural Year

We’re in our first year of the program, your participation and feedback will help us to shape the future of this program. It offers participants a vibrant network, a social base, and a solid foundation from which to operate within the organization. This initiative is led by a committee of dedicated members seeking connections with other individuals who are exploring professional and personal journeys.

2023 Advance Leadership Collective

USJC is proud to announce the members of the 2023 Advance Leadership Collective. Participants will attend the U.S.-Japan Council Annual Conference and Members Forum in Washington, DC. 

Please join us in welcoming:


Program Dates

The USJC ALC Program takes place in conjunction with the 2023 Annual Conference starting the evening of November 7 through November 10, 2023.


Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001


Tuesday, November 7

6:00pmOpening Dinner

Wednesday, November 8

8:00-11:30amALC Dedicated Workshops
2:00-6:00pmUSJC Public Symposium 
7:00pm[PARTNER] Dinner

Thursday, November 9

9:00-6:00pmUSJC Public Symposium
7:00pm[PARTNER] Dinner

Friday, November 10

9:00-6:00pmUSJC Members Forum
7:00pmClosing Dinner

Workshops Abstract

The USJC ALC platform’s workshop-based programming approach emphasizes the career journey’s dynamic nature, evolving alongside life and career goals. Our programming offers various tools to assess one’s current position and aspirations, drawing insights from individuals engaged in the mid-career phase. Moreover, it explores future possibilities and strategies to achieve desired career trajectories while concurrently fostering the growth of one’s professional network. The USJC ALC’s comprehensive workshop delivery approach caters to individuals seeking to navigate and adapt effectively to the ever-changing landscape of their careers. Through interactive workshops, participants will actively engage in discussions, exercises, and networking opportunities, ensuring a dynamic and personalized learning experience to enhance their career development and growth.


Participant Criteria

  • Minimum age: 35
  • USJC member in active standing
  • English proficient

What kind of candidates are we looking for? 

Are you a driven individual with a strong professional background? Are you interested in the Japanese American community or passionate about fostering US-Japan relations? Whether you have a personal connection to the community or simply share an interest, we invite you to apply. Geographical boundaries are no barrier—applicants from the United States and Japan are encouraged to join us.

The 2023 application period is now closed.

What expenses are covered (and which are not)?

The ALC Program is in its first year with limited budget. Our program is intended for active USJC members who understand the value of building a community of mid-career professionals for the growth of participants and the greater USJC. 

The program covers the following expenditures:

  • Expenses for meals associated with the program
  • The cost of the program itself (workshop venues, supplies etc.)

The following is not covered: 

  • Individual travel
  • Lodging
  • Conference registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)? 

The Advanced Leadership Collective recruits from the age demographic after ELP. Whereas the ELP upper age cut-off is 35, ALC recruitment starts at age 35. Additionally, whereas ancestry and citizenship are requirements for the ELP program, those are not requirements for ALC.

How does this differ from the Japanese American Leadership Delegation (JALD)?

Whereas JALD consists of an international delegation to Japan, ALC takes place in conjunction with the USJC Annual Conference. Participation in JALD and ALC are not mutually exclusive.

Can alumni of other USJC program (like ELP, TOMODACHI, Mitsui) participate in ALC?


What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is September 15, 2023.

Additional Questions? 

Email Derek and Craig: [email protected], [email protected]