SVJP Benkyokai: Intersections: Brazil-Japan-America

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Date: January 17 (U.S.) / January 18 (Japan)
6:00pm (PT) / 11:00am (JT)
Palo Alto, CA and online
This is a private event. If you are interested in joining online or in-person in Palo Alto, please contact [email protected].  

About 2 million Japanese people live in Brazil, making the community the largest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan. Their stories of discrimination and resiliency strike a chord with the Japanese American experience, yet the narratives are uniquely their own. Join the SVJP’s first benkyokai of the new year as award-winning author and UC Santa Cruz Professor Emerita Karen Tei Yamashita explores the intricate history connecting Japan, Brazil and the United States. Her works explore the motives and hardships of the Japanese diaspora, bringing to life the voices of those who grasped the opportunity for a better future.