Building the TOMODACHI Generation Morgan Stanley Ambassadors Program Wraps Up Two-Week Program in Washington, DC

Pictured above: Participants and Mr. Michael J. Stein (in the middle of the top row) 

The 2023 Building the TOMODACHI Generation Morgan Stanley Ambassadors Program took place in Washington, DC from August 6 to 20; nine Japanese and six American university students participated in this two-week program. The program’s focus is on addressing social challenges through enhancing students’ understanding of civil society, teamwork and global collaboration skills. The first week consisted of lectures, panel discussions, site visits and interactive sessions with experienced professionals from various arenas. One of the highlights of the first week was a discussion session with Mr. Michael J. Stein, Global Head of Government Relations, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley. He shared his perspective on his career path and the scope of his daily life running government relations. The lively Q&A segment touched upon his career path crossing sectors, the importance of understanding various clients’ backgrounds and interests, and the value of networking.

During the second week, Japanese and American participants split into three teams and put their knowledge into practice through a project development competition. On August 18, the program closed with three final presentations on very critical current issues, with a winning presentation on an initiative to advance gender equality.      

“Everybody in this program is very nice and I cannot appreciate that enough. I have learned a lot from this training program, but I have also learned so much from all the participants,” Sora Daidoji said.

A big congratulations to all the participants!