Mental Wellness Affinity Group Youth Initiative Brainstorms Topics For Mental Wellness Breakout Session at the Annual Conference

On September 7 (U.S.) and September 8 (Japan), the Mental Wellness Affinity Group Youth Initiative members gathered to brainstorm how the “Leadership & Mental Wellness” breakout session at the Annual Conference can attract both senior executive attendees and younger attendees. The group, which is composed of younger members of the USJC community including TOMODACHI alumni and USJC/TOMODACHI interns, is led by USJC Intern, Haruka Kokaze.

During the discussion, the group realized that in order to have a specific theme that is attractive to both targeted groups, they need to discern the mutual mental wellness issues that both groups are facing. Therefore, they proposed three themes to the Mental Wellness Affinity Group: 1) the importance of seeking help at work or school, the differences in when and how people seek help in the U.S. and Japan, and how we as leaders can promote safer environments to encourage individuals to seek help; 2) the differences in mental wellness priorities among American and Japanese companies and schools; and 3) what self-care looks like at executive levels and emerging professionals level. If you are interested in getting involved in the Mental Wellness Affinity Group Youth Initiative, please email the Group via [email protected].