Midwest Region Enjoys Baseball Game Despite the Rain

29 Midwest USJCers, Japan Consuls, Consulate staff and family didn’t let the rain and cold keep them from enjoying watching the Cubs beat the Dodgers on April 7. In truth, none of them were around to see the finish of the game. They left at the rain delay, where the Cubs were leading 6-0 in the fourth inning.

Participants did get to see Shota Imanaga pitch four brilliant innings, including striking out his Japan National Teammate Shohei Ohtani! Members also got to see Seiya Suzuki hit a sacrifice fly, making him second in all the majors in RBIs.

Even more importantly, it gave attendees a chance for casual conversation along with the unique experience of watching two Major League teams, each with two premier Japanese players on their 40-man rosters! They also got to share in being cold and wet – which will just add another subject they can talk about when we next get together!