NorCal Region Attends NTT Upgrade 2024

On April 10, the NorCal region was immersed in an afternoon of innovation at the NTT Upgrade 2024 event, held at the NTT Experience Center (XC), graciously hosted by USJC Board Member Kazu Gomi (NTT Research Inc.). NTT showcased their developments, including their Large Language Model (LLM) dubbed “Tsuzumi,” featuring lightweight versions designed for energy efficiency.

Additionally, they showcased their All Photonic Network (APN), promising reduced latency, enhanced speed and expanded capacity. The introduction of Artificial Photosynthesis marked a pivotal step towards a carbon-neutral future. Attendees delved into discussions on the evolving landscapes of healthcare and education, underscoring the profound impact of AI on society. The event culminated in a delightful reception at the Metreon’s outdoor patio, fostering further networking and collaboration.