USJC 2022: Morning Plenary

The emcee, Ms. Yuko Kaifu (President, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles), began the morning plenary session by welcoming Mr. Noriyuki Shikata, Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office,… Read More

USJC 2022: Closing Plenary

The emcee, Mr. Sato, began the closing plenary session by welcoming Mr. Kamezawa to give his keynote address. Mr. Kamezawa remarked that today, peoples’ values and needs have become decentralized… Read More

USJC 2022: Lunch Plenary

Ms. Suzanne Basalla (President & CEO, U.S.-Japan Council) began the lunch plenary session by thanking all participants, special guests, members of the public, sponsors, partners, and USJC team members. She… Read More

USJC 2022: Web 3.0 and NFT Generative Fine Art

Mr. James Higa (Managing Partner, Offline Ventures) opened the breakout session and introduced the panelist Sputniko!, Ms. Hiro Ozaki (Artist | Cradle CEO | Associate Professor, Department of Design, Faculty… Read More