TOMODACHI Collaborates with USJETAA and Japan Society of Boston to Share Realities of Living, Teaching & Working in Japan

On October 17, TOMODACHI’s New England region collaborated with the Japan Society of Boston and the JET Program to host an online panel discussion on the realities of teaching, studying and working in Japan. 2018 TOMODACHI Inouye Scholars Program alum Tristan Norman and 2017 TOMODACHI Generation alum Jamie Cerna shared their JET experiences with participants. Mr. Norman is currently serving as an English teacher in Hyogo; Mr. Cena participated in the JET program from 2017 to 2023 in Okinawa.

Jessyca Livingston also shared a brief introduction of USJETAA (The United States Japan Exchange & Teaching Program Alumni Association) with participants; New England Regional Representative, Felix Garcia, talked about the TOMODACHI Initiative. There were over 60 people in attendance; one of the JET panelists, Lauren Mosley, used to work for USJC! Watch the full panel here.