USJC Japan Region Enjoys Summer BBQ

On Saturday July 29, USJC Members and friends of the U.S.-Japan Council’s Japan region gathered in Toyosu for a sizzling summer barbeque outing. The attendees took turns grilling meats, veggies and yakisoba while reconnecting with old friends and making new connections. The organizers opted for an evening barbeque this time around which allowed for everyone to gather while avoiding the scorching daytime summer heat. This summer barbeque event is turning into an annual tradition for the Japan region, and the organizers are already looking forward to planning the next event. Thank you very much to those who came! 

Thank you to USJC Associates Kenji Negi (Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd, ELP ’16) for the photo and Eriko Stronach (BowerGroupAsia, ELP ’20) for the written content!