USJC Japan Region Meets for June Sankakai

The Japan Region gathered for its second in-person sankakai in Tokyo on June 20 with roughly 30 people participating. Attendees included members coming in from Sapporo and Osaka, a few brand-new members and a couple of TOMODACHI alumni.

USJC Board Member David Kenji Chang (AN Capital Partners, ELP ’15) provided an update about USJC’s activities and the Board. Council Leader Patrick Newell (21 Foundation) spoke on thought-provoking topics such as Society 5.0 and Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Japan region would like to give a special thank you to Mr. Newell for allowing USJC to utilize WeWork’s event space.

Thank you to Darin Arita (Prudential Financial, Inc.) for the written content and photo!