USJC Mental Wellness Affinity Group Meets to Discuss Panel At the Annual Conference

On July 20 (U.S.) and July 21 (Japan), the USJC President & CEO Suzanne Basalla hosted the fourth Mental Wellness Affinity Group meeting. The discussion provided space for attendees to generate ideas for a breakout session on the topic of mental wellness during the USJC Annual Conference, set to take place in Tokyo in October.  The discussion was co-facilitated by USJC Council Leader and Senior Research Fellow at the Health and Global Policy Institute, Dr. Gerald Hane. The discussion yielded various ideas regarding both the format and topic of the breakout session. Topics that resonated with attendees included the emergence of well-being as a key issue in Japan, the growing interest in holistic health from both sides of the Pacific and the role of well-being in leadership.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Mental Wellness Affinity Group or have any additional ideas for the mental wellness breakout session at the Annual Conference, please email the Group via [email protected].