USJC Portland Region Welcomes Hanako Wakatsuki-Chong and Jill Kashiwagi to the Area

The Portland Region gathered for cocktails and conversation on June 22 to welcome USJC Associate Hanako Wakatsuki-Chong (Japanese American Museum of Oregon) to the Portland area. Ms. Wakatsuki-Chong made a special effort to meet the local USJC members after moving to Portland only three weeks ago, wasting no time getting involved with her new community. 

Regional Chair Verne Naito (Naito Corporation, JALD ’13) along with Councill Leaders Grant Yoshihara (NW Natural) and Miyuki Yoshida (Tenzen Onsen) were also joined by former Japanese American Leadership Delegation (JALD) delegates Elisa Dozono (JALD ’14), Kristen Dozono (JALD ’08) and Mari Watanabe (JALD ’11). Other participants included Council Leader and former TOMODACHI staff member Jill Kashiwagi (Columbia Wealth Management) and her husband Blake, who recently relocated from Japan, and prospective member Walter James, who recently received his doctorate in political science after spending a year in Japan.

Thank you to Council Leader Verne Naito (Naito Corporation, JALD ’13) for the photo and content!