USJC Supporters Join a Conversation with Mr. Chris Johnstone

On February 9, USJC corporate donors and board members gathered for an off-the-record conversation with Chris Johnstone, National Security Council Director for East Asia at the White House. During the online session, which was moderated by U.S.-Japan Council President and CEO Suzanne Basalla, Mr. Johnstone highlighted the strength and necessity of the U.S.-Japan relationship, based on his experience assisting and joining President Biden for the bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Kishida on January 21. In addition, Mr. Johnstone emphasized the important role of the U.S.-Japan Council in promoting U.S.-Japan relations, and stressed how crucial it was for the United States and Japan to collaborate in support of our common values as democracies.

Following Mr. Johnstone’s introductory remarks, he took questions from the audience on topics such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and Prime Minister Kishida’s “new form of capitalism,”  as well as U.S.-Japan cooperation on carbon reduction to address climate change. This briefing was part of the U.S.-Japan Council’s government briefing series to bridge connections between the Biden administration and corporate leaders.