Women’s History Month: Featured Voices

“Bridging Japan and U.S. relations on many fronts is important from the government to the individuals in businesses and nonprofits to lift up the economies for their communities.” -Donna Fujimoto Cole (Houston, TX) President & CEO Cole Chemical & Distributing, Inc.
“The cultures of both the United States and Japan are integral parts of my identity, so being in a position to support U.S.-Japan relations is very meaningful on a personal level. There is so much we can learn from each other as advancements in technology break down barriers to communication and collaboration.” -Dr. Marion Friebus-Flaman (Chicago, IL) Director of Language Acquisition Services at Naperville School District 203
“With my media background, I am honored to amplify the voices of other female leaders as they strengthen the U.S.-Japan relationship, whether it is through official diplomacy, people-to-people relationships, or within their own professions.” -Dianne Fukami (Oakland, CA) President, Bridge Media Inc.
“As a young Japanese American woman growing up in one of the three remaining Japantowns in the country, I learned the importance of bilateral collaboration in U.S.-Japan relations to further the next generation of community leaders.” -Ellen Kamei (Mountain View, CA) Mayor of Mountain View, CA
“As a Japanese American woman in New York City, I use my platform not only to create content, to build awareness, and to promote businesses and cross-cultural relations, but also to inspire and empower Japanese and Japanese American women to do the same and be proud of our collective heritage.” -Susan Miyagi McCormac (New York, NY) Founder/Writer/Editor at JapanCulture-NYC.com
“I have been highly inspired by strong female leaders like Irene Hirano Inouye and Kaisha Johnson (Women of Color in the Arts) who have given voice and visibility to women of color; striving to fortify leadership and ensure equity for women who have critical roles in conversations and at the table. I am committed to lifting up the valuable contributions of women in leadership, in the arts, and beyond. I am grateful for the sacrifices that women before us have made in order to empower the next generation.” -Courtney Ozaki (Denver, CO) Creative Producer, Japanese Arts Network