Focal Points / Abe looked to Nakasone’s surprise dissolution of ’86
The Japan News, Nov 19

Japan to dissolve parliament, hold snap elections after news of recession
CNN, Nov 18

¥2 tril. stimulus mulled for budget
The Japan News, Nov 18

Ken Takakura dies at 83; outlaw and hero in Japanese films
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

MLB stars close Japan Series with another win
Los Angeles Times, Nov 18

Defying Expectations, Japan’s Economy Falls Into Recession
The New York Times, Nov 17

What Japan’s recession means for country, world
The Washington Post, Nov 17

Okinawa elects new governor opposed to U.S. air base
CNN, Nov 17

Japan, U.S., Australia ‘to deepen security ties’
The Japan News, Nov 17

Relocation of U.S. base in Japan likely won’t happen after Japanese election
CNN, Nov 16

DPJ, Your Party mull teaming up
The Japan News, Nov 16

Politics in Japan: Snapping to Attention
The Economist, Nov 15

Abe highlights policy effects at G-20 summit
The Japan News, Nov 15

Nearly 70% of college students graduating next March find jobs
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 15

Abe likely to link tax hike, low rate for necessities
The Japan News, Nov 14

Abe’s key bills set to be tossed if Diet dissolved
Japan Times, Nov 14

Japan takes a step toward lowering voting age to 18
Japan Times, Nov 14

Opposition parties scramble to team up for possible poll
The Japan News, Nov 13

Japan, ASEAN to cooperate against transnational crimes, terrorism
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Japan offers Myanmar 25.8 bil. yen loan for development projects
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 13

Foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea to hold talks by end of year
Japan Times, Nov 12

Avigan could be formally approved as Ebola drug early 2015: Fujifilm
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 12

Hall of Fame digitizes film of 1934 Japan tour
The Washington Post, Nov 12

NHK expects subscription fee income to rise by 100 billion yen under new business plan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 11

Japan tries to tap growing Muslim tourist market
The Washington Post, Nov 11

Leaders of Japan, China meet in Beijing after long frosty spell
Los Angeles Times, Nov 10

Abe, Putin agree to prepare for Japan visit next year
Japan Times, Nov 10

Conference on education for sustainable development opens in Nagoya
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 10

Govt to ease visa requirements for Chinese
The Japan News, Nov 10

What the fork? Edible tableware takes off in Japan
CNN, Nov 10

Japan eyes shake-up to infrastructure subsidy system for local governments
Japan Times, Nov 9

Japan and Abenomics: Riding to the Rescue
The Economist, Nov 8

Leaders of Japan, U.S., Australia to meet on G-20 fringes
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 8

China, Japan agree on steps to ease tensions ahead of APEC summit
Los Angeles Times, Nov 7

Regional Government OKs Restart Of Japanese Nuclear Plant
NPR, Nov 7

Tokyo restaurant to host event to cheer up Fukushima natives
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 7

$100 million more in Ebola aid
The Japan News, Nov 7

Aquino eyes joint drills with SDF
The Japan News, Nov 6

Republican control of Congress does not mean TPP is a done deal
Japan Times, Nov 5

Tsunami disaster prevention drills held across Japan
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 5

Japan to press China over coral poaching
Japan Time, Nov 4

25 years after murders of lawyer and family, friend continues memorial violin concerts
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 4

Business vs. Economics
The New York Times, Nov 3

Fukushima town evacuee helps in work to connect fellow displaced citizens
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 3

Nuclear Power in Japan: Critical Mass
The Economist, Nov 3

Man uncovers history of early Japanese baseball stadium in new book
Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 2

Music video shot with drone goes viral
CNN, (Video link)

Okinawa Governor Race Begins as U.S. Military Base Transfer Eyed
Mainichi Shimbun, Oct 30

Japan Crown Princess Masako Attends First Banquet in 11 Years
BBC News, Oct 30

Tepco May Ask U.S. Utility to Inspect Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant
Japan Times, Oct 30

Chefs and Scientists Team Up to Make Japanese Food Even More Delicious
The Washington Post, Oct 27

Tokyo's Soft Power Problem
The New York Times, Oct 24

Miyazaki to Receive Academy's Governors Award
Rafu Shimpo, Oct 21

Kansas City's Aoki to Join List of Japanese Who Have Appeared in World Series
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 21

Abe to gather expert opinions on next sales tax hike
The Japan Times, Oct 21

Ruling parties look to regroup after resignations of ministers
Mainichi, Oct 21

U.S., Japan to conduct joint military drill for island defense
Reuters, Oct 21

Nightlife in Japan: Party on
The Economist, Oct 21

Why Rapid Downfall of Two Ministers Matters for Japan
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 20

Japan's Economy: Consumptive
The Economist, Oct 18

Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni; several lawmakers visit shrine
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Ex-U.S. POWs visit Japan, recall horrors of war
Japan Today, Oct 17

Japan may ramp up Ebola aid, Abe tells ASEM
The Japan Times, Oct 17

Japan proposes dialogue with China to settle Senkaku spat
Mainichi, Oct 16

Japan's weapons-makers now open for business
Japan Today, Oct 15

Obama, Abe discuss TPP, Ebola by phone
Japan Today, Oct 15

Virtual Idol Makes American TV Debut on Letterman Show
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 10

Japan, S Korea finance ministers to meet in Washington
Japan Today, Oct 10

U.S., Japan eye closer security ties in Japan defense pact update
Reuters, Oct 8

U.S. Experts Challenge Abe View of 'Comfort Women'
The Wall Street Journal, Oct 7

The mystery of Japan's sluggish exports
The Economist, Oct 6

Food fight
The Economist, Oct 6

Japan, America and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Stalemate
The Economist, Oct 2

New Japanese Price Index Shows Inflation Lingers
Wall Street Journal, Sept 29, 2014

At least 36 feared dead on Japanese volcano, search called off
Reuters, Sept 29, 2014

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World
The Diplomat, Sept 29, 2014

Abe vows bold steps for local revitalization
The Japan News, Sept 29, 2014

Gambling in Japan: Balls in the air
The Economist, Sept 27, 2014

Abe pledged $50 million in humanitarian aid to stem Islamic State crisis
The Japan Times, Sept 26, 2014

Japan again seeks a permanent UNSC seat; China the biggest hurdle
The Asahi Shimbun, Sept 26, 2014

Evolution of the Japanese Language: Dissing, Panicking and Riding a Cab
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 25, 2014

Japan's Road Warrior Diplomacy
The Diplomat, Sept 25, 2014

Japan Needs Global Growth to Boost Exports Says OECD Official
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 22, 2014

Froman Calls for Abe's Decision on TPP
The Japan News, Sept 20, 2014

Finance Ministers of Japan, China, S Korea Meet
NHK World, Sept 19, 2014

U.S. Calls for Japan to Buckle Down on Pacific Trade Pact
Reuters, Sept 18, 2014

Japan Trade Deficit Narrows in August
BBC News, Sept 17, 2014

CD-Loving Japan Resists Move to Online Music
The New York Times, Sept 16

A Necessary Asian Defense Boost
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 15, 2014

All-Japanese Families Take a Chance on International Schools
The Japan Times, Sept 14, 2014

Abe waiting on third-quarter indicators before deciding whether to raise sales tax to 10%
The Japan Times, Sept 14, 2014

Japan, U.S. to compile interim defense guidelines in October
The Japan Times, Sept 13, 2014

IMF's Legarde to Japan on Women: Good Work, But Not Enough
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 12, 2014

New Tohoku town comes to life
The Japan News, Sept 11, 2014

Japan, U.S. discussing offensive military capability for Tokyo

Reuters, Sept 10, 2014

Nago voters send a message

The Japan Times, Sept 9, 2014

California, Japan Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Rafu Shimpo, Sept 9, 2014

Abe Backs Women With Tough Jobs
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 9, 2014

Yen drops to lowest levels in six years

The Japan News, Sept 5, 2014

JR East ready to pitch Shinkansen technology in California
The Japan News, Sept 5, 2014

Abe Cabinet Profiles
The Japan Times, Sept 3, 2014

Abe issues policy priority list, with Tohoku and women at the forefront
The Japan Times, Sept 3, 2014

Is Japan's Grand Security Strategy the Key to Preserving U.S. Power in Asia?
Foreign Policy, Sept 2, 2014

Japan's 'Abenomics' Feared in Trouble as Challenges Build
Reuters, Sept 2, 2014

Japan's Military Spending: Tooling Up
The Economist, Sept 1, 2014

Haruki Murakami's 'Colorless Tsukuru' Tops Best-Seller List Again
The Wall Street Journal, Sept 1, 2014

In this interview with the New York Times, USJC Board of Councilors Member George Takei talks about growing up in a Japanese American internment camp, visiting Japan, and his passion for the U.S.-Japan relationship. Mr. Takei also discusses “Allegiance,” his Broadway-bound musical about a family’s experiences at the Heart Mountain, Wyoming internment camp.

In late 2013, U.S.-Japan Council Board Members and Council Members were featured in a Nikkei Business Publications profile of prominent Japanese Americans entitled Japanese-Americans: Personal Networks Across the Pacific.

USJC President Irene Hirano Inouye and Board of Directors Members Gary Moriwaki and Susan Onuma received profiles, as well as Board of Councilors Members Norman Y. Mineta, Hiromitsu Ogawa, Daniel Okimoto, Masaaki Tanaka, Paul Terasaki, the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye and Council Members James Higa and Yosuke Honjo. While originally published for the Nikkei Business magazine, features are posted in English and available online at The U.S.-Japan Council is composed of Japanese American leaders dedicated to the U.S.-Japan relationships across all sectors of society. We are proud of the recognition our Members received as leaders in their communities.

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