Business Advisory Board


The Business Advisory Board (BAB) is a group of business leaders in Japan with experience in the United States who are also familiar with the work of USJC. Under the leadership of Mr. Masaaki Tanaka, Vice Chair of the USJC Board of Councilors, BAB continues to be successful.

Links to each of the BABs can be found below:


March 14 - Thirteenth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Ambassador William F. Hagerty) | Photos 


December 4 - Twelfth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Mr. Daniel Tani) | Photos
September 7 - Eleventh Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Dr. Daniel I. Okimoto) | Photos
June 22 - Tenth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Mr. Heizo Takenaka) | Photos 
February 21 - Ninth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Mr. Jesper Koll) | Photos 


October 19 - Eighth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Ms. Hiroko Kuniya) | Photos 
July 26 - Seventh Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr.) | Photos 
May 17 - Sixth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Dr. Gerald Curtis) | Photos
February 18 - Fifth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Mr. Michael D. Rhodin) | Photos


October 1 - Fourth Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Ms. Naoko Yamazaki) | Photos
June 11 - Third Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Dr. Shinya Yamanaka) | Photos
March 19 - Second Business Advisory Board (Featured speaker: Mr. Glen Fukushima) | Photos


November 12 - Inaugural BAB Reception (Featured speaker: Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki) | Photos