2010 Japanese American Leadership Delegation


The 2010 Japanese American Leadership Delegation trip marked the 10th Anniversary of the program, which promotes the value of sustained people-to-people relationships as a critical factor in assuring the long-term success of U.S.-Japan relations.  The delegation went on an 8-day trip to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo where they met with foremost Japanese leaders from the Diet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and the business community.

During the week, the delegates also met with Her Highness Princess Takamado, Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada, State Secretary Koichi Takemasa, Ambassador John V. Roos, and leaders from Nippon Keidanren, Kankeiren, Keizai Doyukai and Forum 21.

Themes that were explored during the trip included leadership, diversity in the workforce, globalization, economic challenges and philanthropy.  The role of Japanese Americans in promoting closer bilateral relations was a prominent part of each of these discussions.


Click here to see the 2010 JALD Report.

(The 2010 JALD Alumni Trip, held separately in May, is available here.)


Three members of the delegation presented at a Leadership Symposium in Tokyo on March 3rd with the theme “Leadership: Values in Career, Community and Culture,” organized by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, co-organized by the U.S.-Japan Council and supported by the Tokyo American Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2010 Delegates

  • Charles Edward Allcock, Oregon
  • Tracey Doi, Southern California
  • Stuart Ishimaru, District of Columbia
  • Dayne Kono, Illinois
  • Duane Kurisu, Hawaii
  • Colbert Matsumoto, Hawaii
  • Moni Miyashita, New York
  • Jill Nishi, Washington
  • Janet Nuzum, District of Columbia
  • John Okamoto, Washington
  • Judy Sakaki, Northern California
  • Wendy Shiba, Southern California
  • Jan Yanehiro, Northern California